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 Nile Variety Logo About The Channel

Nile variety Channel , is one of the specialized channels on NileSat 101. The Channel can be seen in Egypt and most Arab countries and many European countries.
(Can also be seen in Canada)


Es'har Ma'ana About the Program

Eshar Ma'ana is a daily program, every day from 10pm -12am during the summer of 2000
It is one of Nile Variety Channel Programs.
It can be seen on the Nilesat and also on the Egyptian TV UHF channel.

The idea of the program is a different Sahra or theme every night of the week with a different crew.
Check TV info page for details about every night.
Check also Eshar's Photo crew page for more details on the crew.
The idea is to have a young or new program with young presenters and interaction with the viewers. Entertaining and creative and flexible (can change depending on viewers).

The program started the first week of July and was scheduled to broadcast for 2 months, it was due to end first week of September, 2000.
Due to the success of the program it has been extended, probably till the end of October.


uwin logoAbout the Site
The site was originally intended to cover under20 weekly night (Fridays), mainly because there is an Internet section in under20. But due to the nature of Eshar program (dynamic!) the program itself changed a little and the site also, and the site now covers the whole program or anything concerning all the sahra's.
The idea behind the site, is to cover eshar program, giving information and offering another form of interactivity through the web.
It is a flexible site , like the program and ready for change.

The site is a personal effort from a friend of the program. It does carry a casual look and it is growing and changing with the program.
It has the blessing and the Cooperation of the Eshar Ma'ana program.

Special thanks goes to Mostafa Metwalli, Salma El Shamaa's Assistant for providing Information.
And of course to Khaled Abolnaga who's idea it was to do the site, and who put the first stone of the site (actually started the site, domain name, background color, and our logo picture) and for continuing to monitor and providing info to the site .
And thanks in advance to Mido Shaaban (warsha director) for his interest in the internet and who will be providing more input, -graphics and other- in the near future, specially concerning the warsha.

A big help to the site, were again friends of the program Zekrayat (Ahmad Emara & Mohamed Taha), that supplied the site with many of the pictures (most of the snapshots) caught live from the broadcast show and the Ma2aleb (funny pictures of the crew)

Any help from friends of the program will be very much appreciated.

For contact to the site designer email site designer and owner (Nagla Fathy)
or visit uwin page (soon)