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  When will the program end?    
The program was originally scheduled for 2 months so it should have ended first week of september. It is now expected to go to mid september with a big possibility to extend to end september.
After the big success of the program the idea is to continue or change shape after september, there is no exact answer. (specially now with some attacks from some newspapers)
The status is for now:
The program will extend a little while longer


We gathered some of the questions, that were emailed to the program or the site and posted the answers.


What is MTV Mashaweer?    
MTV Mashaweer is a program on Mtv Europe. It is on its way to becoming a section with arabic music, with presenters located in Lebanon and Egypt. They have made auditions and picked up 3 new presenters, 2 Egyptians: Lara and Dina and 1 Lebanese: Lara. NileVariety has made a deal with MTV Mashaweer to exchange services There was a party on (Fri 11 Aug) to celebrate the new presenters.

What is Eshar new look?    
Was about the Decor, adding phone lines,some tech issues like telephone quality, some content issues like adding vtr's (video taped recording) and changes in some of the days: new themes.
Status is 'stalled' because of production problems and also because of the unknown duration or future of the program (will end soon- will change to something else?)
Note re production: the crew is proud to tell us that this program is the first to get adds to Nile Variety

Where do I email you? Will I be read or answered?    

Eshar Ma'ana Is read during air time every day except on Fridays (under20).
Under20 is read during Air time every Friday
(these 2 emails are pop or imap email they are removed from the mailserver after being read depending on the computer setting or the crew itself)

Webmaster Is read by webmaster and some Anchors, and remains available to all.
This is for anything concerning the site, also any questions or suggestions regarding the program is passed to Anchors in program.

These 3 emails + the guestbook + Ask a question in this page. Are our 'electronic' contact.
Please note that Eshar is almost 7 different programs with different crew each day (director, others). Plus the site.
So they are treated differently depending on the day?
Warsha director (Mido) makes a point to answer all emails and saves the messages. )

The emails are read during air time and often deleted after air (or saved by the crew).
So if u want to send suggestion other than being read during air time, i suggest u send after or before air time, and to under20, and maybe to the webmaster?

i wanna know when will we see the party of the mtv mashaweer .... by the way...i was working there all the 5 days and i saw u when u were making the interviews with people and once again in the party.....    
  It is undecided yet, the general idea is to wait for the Mtv Mashaweer new program and new presenters and do a joined program. with nile variety..

  How do I contact some of the guests?    
  We will try to gather the contacts (mainly those who offer services: decoration, jewelry, makeup and other) and post them on the web site, emails are also answered by the program, specially warsha day makes a point to.

  Hello i have many many suggestions which may help u in the new look which u r looking forward to make it, Where i can send them?    
  see emails question/answer above also contact page

  i want to know the mail of eshar ma3ana to send you mails evry day    
  see emails question/answer above also contact page

  one question: we noticed that khaled and dina always were the same outfit... honestly why?    
  Not exactly same outfit but same look or feeling during the warsha episode....
2 reasons:
1) eshan refuses to join in the look...
2) it is o.k. because of the 'kheyana' mosalsal they team together and ehsan is angry and shoots them.....

  i want to know the mail of eshar ma3ana that i can send mail from it while program is on air i know the mail of under20 but i want to know the mails of elwarsha and meghanawaty etc..    

see emails question/answer above also contact page

  tell me why u were about to create a shortcut on the web site called snapanswers but it seems that u have changed ur mind why??    
  Never changed my mind, but did not have enough answers (and questions), now it is there: this is a first page, we hope to have more of both: Q&A's.
You can ask questions directly to the site , click on Ask and fill the form (soon)

  i want to know on which e-mail adress i can send my suggestions about the new look of eshar ma'ana i have many ideas..    
  see emails question/answer above also contact page




Tests are done periodically, and are announced on eshar ma'ana program
You can call at our number -in the morning- for inquiry and send a CV and a picture.
The number is the one displayed on TV screen or see contact page