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Sep 28. (Thu)
MTV party will be broadcast on Nile Variety Sat channel at 11:30pm

Sep 22. (Fri). Marina Concert (held on Aug 24) was broadcast at 7pm on both channels : UHF & Nile variety (Nilesat)

Sep 15. Its official: Eshar program continues through the month of October.
(Till the end of October if not earlier)

Sep 12. The inauguration of Nilesat 102. Salma el Shamaa and Khaled Abolnaga were attending (from Eshar team). And Khaled had a quick interview with Safwat El Sherif.
The inauguration took place at the control Station, El hammam, El Sahel el shamali.

Sep 10. Kol el Nass Magazine made a 6 page interview with Khaled and Dina .
Friday September 1st, 2000 issue.
It is now available on this site

Sep 9. Akhbar El Yom' (Sat 9 sep) wrote about Khaled having a Car Accident. Khaled is fine. There was no car accident.
(This is a half true story:
There was a minor accident the week before, everyone is fine).

Sep 7. Ehsan's wedding was last Thursday (7sep). Shots of the wedding were taken by Eshar Program.

Aug 25. UHF Broadcast of "Eshar Ma'ana" program will resume Sat 26 Aug (after 3 days mourning for the Gulf Air Tragic accicdent)

Aug 24. Due to the tragic accident of Gulf Air, the Concert will be broadcast on Nilesat only (Thu Aug 24)

Aug 24. Leilat Khamees (Thu 24 Aug) will be from 8-10pm. Subject: Special Marina Concert. Will cover preshow shots of the concert. Preparation for the concert, the Arrival of the Gypsies
(no UHF broadcast)

Aug 24. The Concert will be broadcast live, at 10pm, on NileSat's Nile Variety but not on UHF or the Egyptian TV.

Aug 23. Gypsies Arrival to Egypt Wed 23 Aug (11pm) was televised and will be part of the preshow shots.

Nile Variety Marina Party is on the 24th of August!
Khaled, Dina, Inji, Pakinam and Ehsan of Eshar Ma'ana crew will be covering it!
(check: Marina Concert page for more details)

Mon 21 Aug.: El Warsha and El Meghanawati have Swapped days, this week only!
El warsha was a special episode about the 24 Aug Nile Variety Marina Party.

Mtv 'search for a star party' will be broadcast later on a separate night than "Eshar Ma'ana" - There was a deal between Mtv mashaweer and NileSat's Nile Entertainment (Nile Variety) for the coverage of the night. Khaled & Ehsan were the hosts from Nile Variety

Aug 17. We had a 'semi' crash on the site.
We had to move from under20.8m.com to under20.8k.com
This applies specially to pages other than home page - If you have bookmarked any of the sub-pages please update your bookmarks
Our domain name is the same www.under20.net